Yaz Garcia Coaching

I want you to feel comfortable & empowered within your own body, experiencing the joy of a healthy lifestyle.

Personal Coaching

Taking care of yourself and your health promotes your ability to deal with everything else around you.

I will help you find the perfect balance between exercise, diet, and the spiritual journey to achieve inner happiness whilst transcending into a higher physical and mental state.

My Approach


Together we will create a realistic and exciting plan that will become your fitness and nutrition blueprint.


I am there for you every step of the way. I help you find accountability and want to achieve more.


Daily check-ins via the app or email so we keep your flow and motivation high.


Building a community, with my live classes and weekly challenges, to help you stay on track.

Workout Programmes

I tailor a training plan completely based on your goal image. A plan that suits you whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete. This plan is updated periodically to match your progression.

Tailored Nutrition

With the help of your wishes and preferences, I create a completely personal nutrition plan. This plan is updated with new good recipes at regular intervals to make it as easy and good as possible to follow your plan.

Support & Chat

Communicating with each other is a must. Therefore, I am only a message away in our private chat.

Personal Tracker

In our private app you also get access to a "tracker", where we can follow your development, both in terms of training, but also how you feel. Everything to make your trip as optimal as possible.

Not Just A Coach. A Friend Too.

I want to genuinely help you reach your fitness goals, both mentally & physically. Shaping you into the person you always dreamt of whilst celebrating each milestone you overcome on your fitness journey.

Core Values

A safe and exciting space allowing you to celebrate what your body can do.

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